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Sluts & Chumps Fucked In Notorious Bang Bus

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There’s a couple of ways this occurs. Usually a dude is driving around picking up chicks off the street and they’re told they’ll be paid to fuck in this bus. Usually they don’t end up paid and are thrown out of the bus when everything’s said and done. The other way this happens is a sexy babe is picking up random dudes off the street and they’ll fuck her in the bus, sometimes leaving their girlfriends behind, only to be tossed out like a used piece of shit when those insatiable porn babes are done with them.

Either way, it’s a lot of fun fucking around in this bang bus. It comes from one of my personal favorite networks: Bang Bros. Here’s where you can get your discount for 67% off. You’ll get the entire network of 40+ sites for this one low price. Nothing here is going to cost you anything extra, so you’re getting a helluva steal — just under 10 bucks a month. You pay so much more for other shit you don’t care about as much as you do porn, so put up and shut up. You’ll be glad you did!

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