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The tips for use sex dolls – How to use sex dolls?

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For some people who live independently for a long time, huge butt sex dolls, anime sex doll, petite sex doll and other different styles of sex dolls become the best companion. So what should be noted when using realistic TPE sex dolls? The following uxdoll doll as an example to introduce how to use adult sex dolls.

First, disinfection use

Sex dolls made of TPE / silicone, in the use of the process requires contact with the private parts of the body. So in the process of use must be disinfected to avoid discomfort to the body parts.

Second, relaxed mood

Sex dolls we do not think in the use of the process of shame, this is a normal human sexual needs, to relieve loneliness, but also a substitute for the partner is not around. So do not have a psychological burden in the use of the process.

Third, add lubricant

In the long-term placement of the doll vagina will be dry, so be sure to put a few drops of lubricant, or wear a condom in the insertion.

Fourth, pay attention to the protection of privacy

The doll can be said to be a personal privacy items, after the use of the need to be properly stored, if you are living alone, you could put your smiling tpe sex doll on the sofa or living room and so on any location you want.

Fifth, read the instructions

Before using the doll must read the instructions in detail and carefully, and strictly according to the instructions on the instructions for maintenance as well as collection and use. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the doll at any time.


The doll head is replaceable, you can buy additional sex doll heads to add fun, uxdoll support to order extra TPE doll head for 200USD.

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